3 Reasons Why Franchise Investments Are a Good Idea

May 18, 2019

If you’re interested in running your own business, investing in a franchise may be a good fit for you. Franchises offer the benefits of entrepreneurship with reduced risk. An experienced professional has already mapped out the road to success for you. A franchise allows you to step into the world of business with already established services or goods as a known brand. The interested entrepreneur pays a franchise fee to get access to the business’s trademarked name, its integrated business system, and ongoing franchisor support.

More than 740,000 franchises existed in the United States in 2017 and that number grows every year. Keep reading to learn whether or franchise investments are a smart idea below.

Are Franchises a Good Investment?

Trying to decide if investing in a franchise is a smart business move when you’re just starting out? Check out these 3 reasons that will convince you to say yes!

1. An Established Brand

Researching your target market as a new business takes a lot of time and capital. When you build a franchise, you don’t need to spend limited resources on creating a new brand and advertising it. Instead, you gain access to the business’s trainings, operations, and best business practices that have been tested over time and several locations. Your individual franchise also benefits from the collective advertising for the whole brand.

It doesn’t matter if you want to invest in a restaurant or a trampoline park, you can find a franchise that’s a good fit for you. For example, individually owned McDonald’s franchises make up nearly 90% of its stores across the country. They all adhere to the same operating system and offer the company’s signature products.

2. Regular Support and Assistance

The franchisor business has a vested interest in the success of each franchise since they reflect the brand as a whole. This means your franchise benefits from regular, ongoing support provided by your parent company. The amount and type of support offered can vary by franchise, and can include staff training, business manuals, and often collective brand marketing. It also means access to new technologies you wouldn’t necessarily know about or be able to afford on your own when just starting out.

3. A History of Success

Businesses cannot afford to offer franchise investments if they aren’t successful. Add to that the experience gained from presence in variety of markets, seasonal trends, conflict resolution, and market testing.

Choose Sky High Sports When Investing in a Franchise

Now you should see why franchise investments are worth your time and effort if you want to own your own business. They allow you to get your foot in the door without the risk of taking the leap on your own. Interested in a fun and family-friendly investment franchise in the United States? Sky High Sports offers the unique experience of an indoor trampoline park in a family setting. With 11 successful locations throughout the country, Sky High attracts over 1 million jumpers each year.

Contact Sky High Sports today to learn more about this great franchise investment opportunity that’s super fun for the whole family!


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