Learn the rules. Jump by the rules. Get great air!

Sky High Sports has two main goals: to provide top-notch, active fun for families and people of all ages and fitness levels and to ensure an optimally safe experience for our patrons.

To make sure every guest has fun in the safest possible manner, Sky High Sports presents rules through video and signage posted throughout every facility.

There is an inherent risk involved when participating in any sporting activity. Whether it’s football, snowboarding, skateboarding, soccer or trampolining, reducing the risk of injury to zero percent is simply not a possibility.

Having said that, Sky High Sports meets and exceeds industry safety standards. Through daily and weekly inspections, maintenance of equipment, patron education and by monitoring the activity of patrons jumping on our trampoline courts, Sky High makes your safety our top priority.

Court monitors are trained for pro-active and re-active rules enforcement for the safety of you, the jumper, as well as jumpers near you. When possible, our court monitors anticipate safety infractions, allowing for early intervention, to prevent possible injury. It’s a best practice. Better safe than sorry!

Even with jump rules in place, the highest standards in equipment and close monitoring by our staff, the best way to prevent injury is to be a smart jumper. Do not perform tricks that are beyond your skill level, be aware of your surroundings, learn the rules and follow them. 

Sky High Sports injury rate in 2017 was .033% which equals 3.3 incidents per 10,000 hours jumped. This percentage includes every injury recorded during the year from a stubbed toe, to a twisted ankle to a broken leg.

Every Sky High Sports location has a manager on site who is trained in CPR. First aid kits are located throughout the sites. 911, as well as local dispatch numbers, are on speed dial.

Patrons are required to view our rules and safety video before jumping at Sky High Sports.


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