Fun for 72 Hours in Nashville

April 19, 2018
Photo credit: Sky High Sports Trampoline Park

Ready for a little action to start your last day of adventures? Go to Sky High Sport Trampoline Park and have yourself an absolute blast! Ever dreamt of the NBA, but never really had the height to dunk a basketball? Lucky you, because at Sky High Sports you can finally live out your dreams. You can bounce down a trampoline court and have your go at that thrilling sensation of dunking the ball right into the net. If this isn’t for you, and you’d rather try flying, well, just dive into the super size foam pit. And even if you’re not an adrenaline junky there is still something for you to do, just head to their arcade and channel your inner child. We promise you’ll have plenty of fun!


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Live Music, Local Brews and Fun for 72 Hours in Nashville

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